Why Great Partnerships Matter

Exact Landscapes is a trusted partner to a number of Ottawa construction companies, material suppliers, and skilled tradespeople. Our team is brought on where only the highest standard of landscape design and construction is required to fulfill a client’s vision. It is through our valued partnerships that we have found a new opportunity to deliver our Exact Difference business promise to benefit local business and clients alike.

Exact Landscapes is proud of the partnerships we’ve fostered over the years that have helped us excel when it comes to outstanding landscape design and construction that complements the work undertaken by skilled teams and professionals in Ottawa including:

  • heavy construction companies
  • Home builders & renovators
  • Pool installers
  • Landscape material suppliers
  • Trade specialists


How We Partner

Great partnerships don’t happen overnight. Our approach to partnerships is to establish mutually beneficial relationships that are founded on reliability, consistency, and trust. We actively seek out business relationships with Ottawa construction businesses that have an ongoing requirement to deliver exceptional landscaping design and construction to their clients, and that need an established team that they can call on to fulfill the work. We also bridge partnerships with material suppliers, and specialized tradespeople to ensure we can always deliver on the unique and refined tastes of our clients.


Values Matter

We partner with local professionals that share our business values, on opportunities where we are able to deliver on our business promise. We take pride on what makes us different, including our business credibility, team leadership, industry leadership, and professional standards, and seek out relationships with professionals who share those values.

The Benefits of Choosing a Landscaping Partner

In our experience, the best partnerships result in happy clients and referral-based business that has helped us grow and be successful alongside our partners.


For Businesses

  • Know who to call on when you need trusted professionals to carry out exceptional landscaping design and construction that complements your work
  • Establish consistent workflows that enable seamless collaboration on complex projects
  • Develop new team relationships that result in sharing of ideas, best practices, and capabilities
  • Understand procedures and costs involved in doing work ahead of time to provide accurate estimates and timelines to your clients
  • Drive new business together by sharing in mutual opportunities


For Clients

  • Have a clear picture of your end-to-end build project where exceptional landscaping is part of your vision
  • Understand the costs involved ahead of time, and meet the team who will be part of fulfilling this vision
  • Gain access to specialized landscaping materials and skilled professionals to fulfill your unique requirements


Looking for a High End Landscaping Partner?

Exact Landscapes is always open to discussing the value of a potential new partnership. Contact us today if you need a high end landscaping partner that you can trust.  


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