Why you should invest in great landscape design

While the design phase of a project is exciting for most of our clients, some regard it as an unnecessary expense instead of an investment. After working in the Ottawa landscaping industry for over a decade, the team at Exact Landscapes has confirmed, time and time again, that clients that choose to invest in landscape design with us save money in time, materials, and change requests throughout the build phase.

Here are a few reasons why landscape design is such a valuable part of the landscaping process, and why Exact Landscapes insists on including landscape design for every project we undertake.


It defines the budget and timeline

Discussing a project in detail to produce a design means we will identify all of the materials, labour, and processes necessary to bring your vision to reality. This means that the budget can be fully defined, and an estimated timeline for completion can be confirmed in advance.


It helps us be more efficient

Looking at all of the materials, equipment, and professionals required to bring your vision to reality means we can identify opportunities for efficiency that could save you costs. When crews have reviewed and discussed the design before starting the project, accurate ordering of materials in advance, proper equipment onsite for particular tasks, and proactively managing the crew’s work calendars are just a few ways that having a clear plan allows us to work more efficiently. 


It reduces unexpected surprises

Producing a landscape design requires knowing the details of the landscape we’re working with. Surveying the land to produce a design means we identify, assess, and account for details that you may not have considered, avoiding unexpected and costly surprises later on.


It produces a superior finished product

Ultimately, Exact Landscapes is committed to delivering a high end and superior finished product that captures every detail of your vision and brings it to reality. This all starts with great landscape design.